Token Landing Pages

About Token Landing Pages

Having a public, dedicated landing page for Creator tokens is crucial as it serves as a centralized hub that effectively communicates brand, rewards, and information such as contract addresses. This page enhances discoverability and provides a clear presentation of how to participate in the token economy, as well as stay updated with the latest developments such as leaderboards and other upcoming features.

How it works

Step 1: Find your token landing page

Navigate to the P00LS Explore page by going to Enter your token symbol in the search bar. For this example, we will use the DEV token.

Step 2: Navigating your token landing page

Here you and your community have access to four key features:

  1. Rewards: Links to your current token economy, comprised of all active rewarded engagements that are eligible to earn your token.

✨Each reward links out to the engagement that a user can participate in to start earning token rewards. This link can be used to promote a creators whole ecosystem, encouraging new and existing fans to engage with them as much as possible.

  1. Tipping: Farcaster and Lens tipping dashboards.

Users can check their profiles to see their updated daily allowance and tips received in real time. This page will reflect how many tokens a user has left as they tip tokens throughout the day, along with how many tokens they have received.

These stats are updated in real time. By clicking on SHARE, users with an allowance can share how many tips they have left for the day, and use the link to create a Frame on Farcaster.

  1. Leaderboard: Access Top Holder and Earner leaderboards for your token

  1. Claim: View and claim eligible Weekly Rewards for a given wallet based on the latest P00LS protocol weekly snapshot

This is where users can see how many of your tokens they are earning each week, along with where they stand in your leaderboard. This is also where Tezos NFT holders will see if they are eligible for any token rewards.

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