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Utility 101

How to get started with creating utility
Let's talk about the different types of utility that is available to offer your token holders.
Through token gating or token spending, there's many different options for creators to offer token holders utility. See below for some of the most successful utilities:
Token Gated Experience & Content
  • View exclusive photos or videos
  • Listen to unreleased mixes or songs
  • Apply for guest lists or backstage access
  • Apply for a giveaway
  • Join a private Instagram Channels
  • Join a close Friends list on Instagram
  • Sign up for Private Video Calls, Master Classes
  • Sign up for an Allowlist
Token Spending
  • Purchase merchandise
  • Purchase tickets to a show or event
  • Purchase an NFT
  • Purchase a piece of physical Art
To create utility directly on Web3 dApps, platforms and protocols, see Standard Integrations.