Customize Rewards

Add, Remove, and Edit Rewards

On the Creator Portal, you have the ability to view and modify your Token Rewards.

Weekly Rewards are processed every Friday at 12PM ET. In order to ensure that your change is included in that week's rewards, please be sure to modify your reward before Thursday at 12pm ET.

As a creator with a minted token, you can customize how you want to reward your community. Through the Creator Portal, you can view all of your rewards listed in the Rewards tab.

  • Rewards for holding NFT's are grouped by Categories, and each category has a sub-category that identifies the specific NFT's.

    • Ex: Hold NFT / Ethereum

      • All Ethereum NFT's listed within this category

  • Lens, Sound, and Audius rewards are listed as the Platform + the action on the platform being rewarded. For example:

    • Lens / Follow

    • Sound / Collect

NOTE: This feature is rolling out and will be fully autonomous in early 2024.

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