Adding Your Token to Your Wallet

How to display your token balance in your wallet

MetaMask, Trust, Rainbow etc. automatically display common ERC20 tokens in your wallet balance. However, due to security for the end user, not every token in your wallet is this displayed. This is to prevent interaction with a potentially malicious token, such as those masquerading as a reward and encouraging you to visit a phishing website.

Because of this, each token that you want to be displayed in your wallet balance will need to be manually imported.

How it works

Step 1: Find your desired token on the P00LS token explorer page

In this guide, a MetaMask wallet will be used as an example, but the same general procedure applies to other wallets.

Navigate to the P00LS token explorer page and type in the token that you want to add. For this example, BOSS will be added.

Step 2: Find the contract address for your desired token

Weekly Rewards are currently distributed on the Polygon network. Because of this, you will need the Polygon contract address for the given token that you want to add. Click on the contract address. This will open the contract page on PolygonScan.

Step 3: Copy the contract address for your desired token

Click on the Copy Address button. You are not ready to add this contract address to your wallet.

Step 4: Open your wallet app

If you are using a MetaMask wallet, scroll down and look for the Import tokens option.

If you are using a different wallet, look for a similar option.

Step 5: Add your desired token to your wallet

Add the contract address that you copied in Step 3. The Token symbol and Token decimal should populate automatically. Click on Next , then click on Import .

Success! You have officially added a token contract to your wallet.

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