Direct Airdrops

Send tokens directly to wallets

What is a Direct Airdrop

A Direct Airdrop is a method of distributing tokens by sending a set amount of tokens to a specific wallet address or addresses.

Creators can override their Token Economy and freely send a direct airdrop of tokens to a list of token holders.


BLOND:ISH rewarded all her Showtime fans who collected her Treasure Chest drop 6.9 $ISH Tokens a week after the drop closed.

Create a singular Direct Airdrop

On the Creator Portal, you have the ability to create and distribute singular Airdrops. These Airdrops are processed within approximately 30 minutes. You are able to create an unlimited amount of singular airdrops.

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Go to Airdrop

Navigate to the Airdrop page in the Creator Portal. Download the airdrop template. This template ensures that our protocol can process your airdrop and distribute your token to your intended audience.

Step 2: Fill out your CSV

Using the provided CSV template, enter the wallet addresses and token amounts that you wish to distribute per wallet.

CSV Requirements:


  • Must contain no more than 2,000 wallet addresses

  • Must contain no more than 1 million tokens

  • No commas please. Decimals to signify partial token amounts are acceptable.

  • For example:

    • Valid amount: 1000 | 10.25

    • Invalid amount: 1,000 | 10,25 | 10 25

Step 3: Upload your Airdrop

Upload your CSV to the dropbox within the Creator Portal.

Step 4: All done!

Your airdrop will be completed within approximately 30 minutes.

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