Understanding Token Utility

How token tolders can use their Tokens

What is Token Utility

Token utility refers to the exclusive opportunities and content that are made available to fans who earn your Creator Tokens. Allowlists, token-gated digital chat rooms, giveaways, and backstage access are all examples of utility you can create for token holders.

You can create a utility that gives all of your token holders access, or you can create different levels of utility - your biggest fans with the most tokens will access different experiences that new fans with less tokens won't have available to them yet.


BLOND:ISH token holders who hold 200 or more ISH can apply to be on the guest list at one of her shows. Holders with over 500 ISH tokens can apply for backstage access.

Shilly token holders who hold 100,000 or more MOSH tokens can spend their tokens to buy an exclusive Shilly Hoodie.

Why Offer Token Utility

As a Creator, creating token utility is the best way to help build a continuously engaged community.

Community Engagement: Offering utility for your token will help increase community engagement and loyalty. When the token has practical uses such as access to exclusive content, merchandise, or participation in events, fans are more likely to want to earn more tokens, strengthening your connection.

Long-Term Sustainability: A creator token with utility is more likely to have long-term sustainability. It creates an ecosystem where the token remains relevant and useful over time, rather than simply providing your with token holder data. This sustainability can contribute to your continued community growth.

P00LS x Token Utility

P00LS creator tokens are ERC20 tokens, meaning they can be integrated with any dApp or web3-enabled website. To help creators build sustainable token holder communities, we've built relationships and integrations with many different dApps and protocols so you can easily begin building utility for your community.

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