P00LS Starter Pack

About the P00LS Starter Pack

The Starter Pack in an ERC-721 NFT holding P00LS Creator Tokens using ERC-6551 token bound account.

The balance of creator tokens in the Starter Pack is reflected on its visual. You can use your Starter Pack to access token-gated utility and you can spend the creator tokens in the Starter Pack (provided that the tokens are transferable).

Useful Links:

The 10 following creator tokens are available in the P00LS Starter Pack:

Creator Token



Carla Monni




Black Dave






Nessy the Rilla


Cam Murdoch




Villa Model


About ERC6551

The ERC-6551 standard allows an NFTs to have their own wallet that can store tokens or other NFTs. Specifically, your NFT itself can own other assets, and spend them on-chain like any other address. With ERC-6551, an NFT can engage with a variety of platforms/ dApps and unlock utility depending on the assets it holds.

Using ERC6551, the P00LS Starter Pack is an ERC721 NFT that owns a wallet storing 10 different P00LS Creator Tokens. By owning the P00LS Starter Pack, you automatically gain a portfolio of different P00LS creators, offering you access to their worlds.


Are there minting fees?

  • Yes, P00LS charges a flat fee to collectors who mint a Starter Pack NFT. The fee will be clearly displayed to collectors before the confirmation of the mint.

  • The minting fee is 3 MATIC per NFT minted.

  • Parts of this fee may be split with Creators, Developers, and other parties in the minting process.

Are there secondary purchase fees?

  • No, there are no secondary purchase fees for Starter Packs.

I am not seeing the token balance on my NFT, what should I do?

  • This is normal, creator tokens are sent to the token bound wallet of the NFT ~1min after minting.

  • On OpenSea, click on Refresh metadata and the NFT visual will update with token balances.

Where do I find the address of my Starter Pack's token bound account?

What can I do with my Starter Pack?

  • Your Starter Pack holds 10 different creator tokens. You can access pages that are gated by each of these tokens on any website that supports the ERC6551 standard

  • For instance, you can go on https://worlds.p00ls.io and start exploring each creator's own gated page.

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