Social Tipping

Reward Fans for Social Engagement

Allow your holders to tips other people with your token on Farcaster or Lens. Think of what is doing with $DEGEN, but now with your very own token.

With the Farcaster and Lens Tipping Allowlists, you can choose which of your holders you would like to be able to tip people with your token and specify their daily allowance of tokens for tipping.

See below for answers to the most commonly asked questions:

  • Users can see if they've been given an allowance on the shareable link by searching their profile under Allowances.

  • Users can see if they've been tipped on the shareable link by searching their profile under Tips Received.

  • Allowances are re-set every 24 hours - midnight to midnight UTC time.

  • Distribution of tips to users wallets is done every 7 days. P00LS takes the last 7 days of tips, and sends all of them at once.

  • If you are given a tipping allowance, your allowance does not accrue if you don’t spend it. Your allowance is not transferred to your wallet.

Shareable links allow you to share who has an allowance and who has received tips in real time with your community.

Step 1: Select "SHARE" on either the Farcaster and Lens Tipping Apps

Step 2: Add the Warpcast or Lens Profile you'd like to check in the search bar

Step 3: View the profile allowance and tips received

✨Users can check their profiles to see their updated daily allowance and tips received in real time. This page will reflect how many tokens a user has left as they tip tokens throughout the day, along with how many tokens they have received.

✨ By clicking on SHARE, users with an allowance can share how many tips they have left for the day, and use the link to create a Frame on Farcaster.

Step 4: View Your Tipping Leaderboard

On the first page that opens after clicking on "SHARE", scroll down to the bottom and select the "TIP LEADERBOARD" button to open the leaderboard page.

Step 5: Share with Your Community

Users can search their profiles to see where they land in your leaderboard, or to see who has received the most tips of your token! You can also use this link on Farcaster to create a frame!

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