Announcing Your Token on Twitter

Announcing Your Token

After launching your token and setting up all of your rewards, the next step is letting your fans know about the new perk of earning tokens for their engagement.

Your announcement should align with your voice and community; however, below are a few talking points that you can include to help your fans understand this new feature in your ecosystem.

  • Your token is like an on-chain loyalty point, rewarding fans for their engagement. The token is an ERC-20, non-transferable, and has no liquidity at the start.

  • If you plan to create utility and integrations for your token, you can talk about how fans will be able to use their tokens, and why they want to ensure that they are earning.

  • Tokens are automatically airdropped every Friday to eligible community members and fans.

  • Fans become eligible to earn automated, weekly token airdrops by participating in your Rewards.

    • You can share your Rewards link in the post or in the Twitter thread to clearly outline how fans can earn tokens.

  • If there are other Rewards available for fans to earn tokens outside of your automated weekly rewards, such as through participating in contests or engaging with your web2 socials, you can say that there will be opportunities to earn even more tokens.

  • P00LS Brand Kit, official assets that you are free to use in your marketing materials

See below for examples of how other creators have announced their tokens:

P00LS Welcome Posts

P00LS loves to showcase new creators who join the platform!

If you’d like to be included in a P00LS Welcome post, or included in any of our social media posts, you can let us know on the Portal!

  • View the Messenger in the Creator Portal (bottom right corner)

  • Open a Twitter Announcement ticket

  • Fill out the ticket form

  • Our team will receive your submission and include you in an upcoming Welcome post

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