$00 and Platform Guidelines

Expectations for creators using P00LS

Being an active creator on P00LS makes you eligible to a weekly 1000 $00 airdrop allocation as well as a daily 100 $00 tipping allocation on Farcaster and Lens. To ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of our creator community, the following guidelines are in place to receive a token allocation, prevent deceptive behaviors, and uphold high standards of conduct.

  1. Creating multiple creator accounts

    • Creating multiple accounts to unfairly be allocated more tokens is not allowed as it disrupts fair distribution and harms the community's trust. This dishonest behavior leads to an imbalance of token distribution and damages the transparency of the platform.

  2. Honesty and transparency

    • Recipients must provide accurate information when applying for token allocations. This includes personal details, project descriptions, and any other relevant information. Falsifying information will result in immediate disqualification and potential removal from the platform.

  3. Exploiting loopholes for personal gain

    • Creating additional accounts for the purpose of receiving the tipping allocation intended to empower, engage, and reward content creators on social media platforms is harmful and misleading to the platform. Additionally, it erodes trust within the community, as holders may become skeptical of the platform's fairness and integrity.

  4. Ethical participation

    • Engaging in any form of market manipulation, such as wash trading or pump and dump schemes, is strictly prohibited. We expect all participants to act with integrity and not engage in activities that artificially inflate or deflate the token's value. The $00 token is not a payment, and should not be treated as such.

  5. Your patience and respectful behavior is appreciated

    • Spamming the team is disruptive and counterproductive, as it hinders our ability to address genuine concerns efficiently and slows down the resolution process for everyone. Please do NOT send disrespectful, threatening, or harmful messages to anyone on the team or in the community.

We reserve the right to halt access to the platform, as well as token allocations, both creator and tipping, if we determine that the recipient is engaging in any form of deceptive or unethical behavior. By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure a fair and thriving community for all members.

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