Lens Integration

Add your token on Lens

The Lens protocol allows creators to integrate their tokens with Hey and Orb, opening up exciting possibilities for rewarding and engaging their token holders.

Create Collectable Posts using a Creator Token

  • Posts that are collectable with your Creator Token become an exclusive utility for your token holders

  • Create awareness about your Token and your Token Holder community on the Hey platform

Create a Token Gated Orb Community

  • Create a community for your most engaged fans that is gated using your Creator Token.

  • Fans will have to hold a specific amount of tokens in order to join the Community

  • Make posts public or private for only community members

  • Community members can be added to your Token Allowlist so that they can make posts Collectable with the token on Orb or on Hey

Token Gated Badges

  • Using Coinvise, you can create a Badge that is directly linked to your Orb community members

  • In order to mint the Badge and add to their profiles, user must holder a certain amount of tokens, as well as other requirements that you assign

  • The Badge is a way to showcase a members engagement in the Orb community by having the Badge attached to their profile & visable to anyone who see's their posts

If you would like to integrate your Token on Hey and Orb, send in an Integrations Request.

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