P00LS v2
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Understanding Token Holders

What is a token holder?


A specificity of the P00LS model is that tokens are airdropped on-chain to all eligible addresses. This means that some holders will receive tokens without being aware of their existence. You can think of P00LS tokens as on-chain cookies (not the ones you eat, the ones in your web browser).
The advantage of this method is that creators can leverage the composability of web3 and directly extract valuable insights from their token holder base - just looking at on-chain data.

Address vs Holder

We make the difference between:
  • An address - an anonymous Ethereum wallet address receiving tokens based on eligibility
  • A holder - an individual person receiving tokens through one or multiple addresses
You can extract valuable on-chain data for both addresses and holders. The only difference is that holders aggregate multiple addresses at once. Both are displayed on the Creator Portal.

P00LS Profile [coming soon]

Holders will be able to further identify themselves by minting a P00LS profile. Coming end of Q4 2023.