Token Codes

Distribute tokens with a link or QR Code

What are Token Codes?

A token code is a link or QR Code that directs a user to the P00LS app to redeem their tokens in their account.

Each token code has a specific number of Redeems and Tokens Earned per redeem.

The number of redeems is equal to the number of people who can earn the tokens. Each code allows one redeem per person.

Each redeem earns a specific number of tokens.

Example: One redeem earns 100 tokens. One token code has 50 redeems available.

How to Use Token Codes

Links are best shared on digital platforms, such as on social media, pinned at the top of Twitter Spaces, DM's, in emails, or in chat rooms.

QR codes are best for in-person distribution, such as on your phone, printed on posters/cards, or projected on screens.

How to Create Token Codes

Step 1: Log in to the Creator Portal

Step 2: Click on Codes

Step 3: Select the Create Code button in the upper right corner

Step 4: Fill out the Typeform and submit it to the P00LS team

Step 5: You will get an email notification within 24-48 hours that your code is available here, in the Codes section

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