Support Chatbot

About our chatbot, how to use, and troubleshooting

How does it work?

Our support chatbot can guide you through platform features, answer questions, and provide step-by-step assistance to optimize your experience with the Creator Portal. By offering personalized recommendations and troubleshooting support, our chatbot ensures you are able to make the most of the platform's capabilities.

Through our support chatbot, you can access a variety of items such as:

  • Creating help tickets

  • View upcoming P00LS events and webinars

  • Scheduling a call with the team

  • View a product tour when new features are added

  • Asking a question and receive an instant reply via our AI integration

Accessing our chatbot

By default, our chatbot is accessible via the yellow chat icon on the bottom-right of the Creator Portal.

If you are unable to access our chatbot, this may be due to a variety of reasons. Please ensure that you are accessing the Creator Portal with the following methods and settings. If you are unable to do so after going through this list, please send us an email via with your token name and we will get this resolved for you.

  1. Browser Compatibility: Please ensure you are using one of the following web browsers

    • Chrome (Latest version)

    • Firefox (Latest version)

    • Safari 8 and later

    • Microsoft Edge (version 15 and later)

  2. Ad Blockers and Extensions: Please turn off any ad blockers or browsers extensions while accessing the Creator Portal

    • Ad blockers and browser extensions may block scripts or elements on web pages, including our chatbot

    • Brave Shield is incompatible with our chatbot

  3. Device Compatibility: Please access the Creator Portal via a desktop or laptop

    • Our chatbot might not be optimized for certain devices or screen sizes, causing it to not display correctly or at all on some devices

  4. Local DNS Server: If you are running a custom, local DNS server, ensure these URLs and their subdomains are allowlisted:



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