Protocol Fee Schedule

About fees, creator token allocation, fee schedule

About Protocol Fees

The mission of P00LS is to empower creators to better understand, map, reward and interact with their community. We have an open protocol approach and strive to make our products available to the greater number and as transparent as possible. We are continuously innovating, improving current features and creating new ones to build the best social token experience for creators and holders.

To fund these efforts, we are charging small protocol fees most of the time our smart contracts are used. To align interest with our creators, we take an allocation of their creator tokens.

Protocol fees do not accrue to a company, they accrue to an on-chain treasury controlled by the DAO of 00 token holders. It is the DAO decides on the use of funds and fees accrued. The 00 DAO Treasury is available on-chain at treasury.zerozero.eth.

Creator Token Allocation

By default, P00LS gets a 10% allocation of any creator token minted on the protocol. This allocation is locked in the 00 DAO treasury and belongs to 00 token holders.

Protocol Fees

In addition, P00LS charges a small one-time protocol fee for on-chain actions:

  • Token Minting

  • Direct Airdrops

  • Token Allowlist Modifications

  • Token Transferability Modification

This fee is paid on-chain in MATIC, along with the gas cost paid by the creator when executing one of the actions above.

Protocol fees accrue to the 00 token treasury.

Current Schedule


Mint Token*


Direct Airdrop


Modify Token Allowlist


Modify Token Transferability


*Note: Protocol fees for token minting are waived for the first 500 creators on P00LS

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