How Holders can Earn Tezos Rewards

For holders of Tezos Rewards, they will need to complete a few steps.

Setting up a Tezos wallet to earn eligible Rewards

To set up Tezos rewards, holders will need to visit the P00LS website, connect their Tezos wallet, and connect an Ethereum-compatible wallet. This is necessary because our protocol needs to create a connection between a Tezos wallet and an ETH wallet in order to be able to send the holder of that Tezos wallet Weekly Rewards for which they are eligible.

For Holders

Step 1: Select a Creator Token

Head over to and find the Creator Token you'd like to earn rewards from. Click on that token to open the token page.

Step 2: Click on Connect to Earn

Step 3: Link a Tezos Wallet

Scroll down and click on Link a Tezos Wallet in the left hand corner, under the Connect Wallet To Earn CREA section.

Step 4: Claim your Rewards

If you have rewards available, they will appear on-screen.

You will receive all of the tokens that you have earned since the reward was set live - so if you don't connect your wallet right away, don't worry, your tokens are waiting for you!

Step 5: Set Your Withdrawal Ethereum Address

After connecting your Tezos wallet, you should now go to this link:

When you arrive on this page, you should connect the wallet that you would like to have your token rewards sent to. Once this has been connected, all of the Tezos rewards you are eligible for will be sent here.

⭐ Please note that the withdrawal address must be an Ethereum-compatible wallet, such as: Metamask, Trust, Coinbase, etc.

Step 6: You're all set!

Weekly Rewards will be sent to the Etheruem wallet address that you connected on the Polygon blockchain.

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