P00LS Ecosystem

Tokens, Creator Portal, App, 00 Token + any web3 application

Creator Tokens

Creator Tokens are the backbone of the P00LS protocol. Each Creator has their own token which is minted as ERC20 tokens on multiple EVM compatible blockchains.

Creator Portal

The Creator Portal is the interface where Creators can independently create and manage their token:

  • Dashboard

  • Rewards

  • Airdrop

  • Codes

  • Apps

  • Holders

  • Support

P00LS App

The P00LS App is the interface where holders can interact with the Creator Tokens they hold.

  • Create a P00LS Profile

  • Connect multiple wallets

  • See Token Balance

  • See Leaderboards

  • Explore Creator Tokens

Third Party Applications

Any third party application, platform, or protocol that recognizes or integrates ERC20 tokens is compatible with P00LS. A non-exhaustive list:

  • Bonfire

  • thirdweb

  • Lens

  • Collab.Land

  • Coinvise

  • Orb

  • Perk Shop

  • Snapshot

  • Guild

00 Token

The 00 token is the governance token for P00LS. It's an ERC20 token available on Ethereum mainnet and Polygon. Some of the key benefits of 00 token holders:

  • Voting rights on P00LS governance

  • Collective ownership of 00 Treasury

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