Guidelines for Liquidity Pools

Expectations for creators launching a liquid token

If you launch a liquidity pool with your P00LS token, please follow the guidelines below. P00LS does NOT endorse inappropriate tactics or deceptive promotion in regards to tokens built by P00LS. See below for the guidelines that are set for all creators.

  1. Transparency: You should provide clear and accurate information about your project, including its purpose, tokenomics, and roadmap. Transparency builds trust within the community and will give your fans confidence when participating in your community.

  2. Avoid Pump and Dumps: You should refrain from engaging in activities that artificially inflate the price of your tokens, such as coordinated buying or spreading false information. Pump and dump schemes harm the community and tarnish the reputation of the project.

  3. Long-Term Vision: We encourage you to focus on building a sustainable project with a long-term vision rather than short-term gains. This includes adding use cases for your token, fostering community engagement, and building partnerships that add value to your project.

  4. Value Creation: You should prioritize creating value for token holders through token utility within your community. Token holders should benefit from receiving and holding your token whether through increased token value, access to exclusive utilities, and other incentives.

  5. Responsible Marketing: You should engage in responsible marketing practices and avoid misleading or deceptive tactics. Marketing materials should accurately represent your project and its potential without exaggeration or false promises.

  6. Community Engagement: You should actively engage with your community, listen to feedback, and address concerns in a timely and transparent manner. Building a strong and supportive community is crucial for the success of any project.

  7. Compliance with Regulations: Creators should comply with relevant regulations and laws in the jurisdictions where they operate. This includes adhering to securities laws, anti-money laundering regulations, and other legal requirements.

  8. Anti-Spam Measures: You should refrain from engaging in spammy behavior, such as excessive promotion in unrelated channels or flooding social media with repetitive content. Respectful and useful engagement with the community is key.

  9. Token Community Demand: Liquidity pools started by P00LS will start at $0.0001 dollars, allowing the price to be determined by the demand of the token within the community. This approach fosters organic growth and ensures that the price accurately reflects the utility of your token within your community.

  10. Continuous Improvement: You should continuously evaluate and listen to your community about what they’d like to see for use cases, and new aspects of your projects. The more involved your community feels in the decision of community projects, the more they will support your token.

By incorporating these guidelines, you will create a more transparent, ethical, and sustainable environment for your token holders, while also ensuring that liquidity pools are established in a manner that aligns with community demand.

Any creator who is not following the guidelines will not have access to the services and products offered by P00LS and will stop earning $00 tokens. We will not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

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