Making your token fully transferable

A step-by-step guide to make your P00LS token fully transferable.


P00LS tokens are minted as non-transferable by default. It is possible - and quick - to make them fully transferable via a smart contract call.

The process takes 5min and all it requires is the wallet that owns the rights to your token. By default, this is the wallet you've used to mint your token.

⚠️THIS PROCESS IS IRREVERSIBLE ⚠️ Once your token has been made fully transferable, you cannot get back to limited or non transferability. Proceed with caution.


  1. Go to and click on the link to PolygonScan

  2. On PolygonScan, copy your token smart contract address

  3. Open and paste your token smart contract address. Click on Verify.

  4. Click on Save then come back to your token's PolygonScan page.

  5. On your token PolygonScan page, click on Contract then Write as Proxy.

  6. Click on Connect to web3.

  7. Login with the wallet that owns the rights to the token (usually, the one you minted it with) using your browser wallet.

  8. Once your wallet connected, scroll down to smart contract function #12 open and click on Write.

  9. Validate the operation on your browser wallet. You will have to pay a small gas fee.

  10. Once the transaction validated, your token is fully transferable 🎉

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