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Congratulations - you’ve minted your token!

We’re thrilled to have you join the Creator Community & begin rewarding your fans. To help you get started, we’ve created a guide outlining the different steps to successfully integrate your token into your ecosystem.

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What's Next?


Step 1: Sign into the Creator Portal

  • Sign in using the wallet that you used to mint your token

  • Tabs in the Portal to review:

    • Dashboard: General information, links to GitBook, and other tabs

    • Rewards: View all of your rewards and their reward sizes

      • Add, edit, and remove rewards directly here

    • Airdrop: Create a one-time airdrop for a specific set of wallet addresses

    • Codes: Request a Token Code link or QR Code to distribute tokens to fans outside of your standard Weekly Rewards

    • Apps: Integrate your token ecosystem with various third-party and P00LS apps

    • Holders: Token holder data including holdings, linked identities, potential rewards and more

    • Support: Review the P00LS Gitbook to learn all you need to know about your token and how to use it

Step 2: Review and modify your rewards


Step 1: Request Custom Token Art

  • Submit your Custom Token Art request via the P00LS App Store

    • Custom token art is used on the P00LS site and for marketing on social media

    • Turnaround time for delivery of these assets is 7-10 business days

Step 2: P00LS Welcome Twitter Post

  • Confirm if we can include you in one of our Weekly Welcome Tweet/IG Posts after minting your token! We love taking a moment to showcase Creators :)

    • Please open a Twitter Announcement ticket via the support chatbot

    • When announcing your token, be sure to tag @p00ls_ and we will support your post


Integrate Your Token & Begin Building Utility


Build a Bonfire or Perk Shop page

  • Set up a Bonfire or Perk Shop page to host your Token Utility

    • For Bonfire:

      • Visit the Apps tab within your Portal, and click on Bonfire

    • For Perk.Shop:

      • Please open a ticket via the support chatbot and we'll respond with next steps


Request Verified or Top Holder Badges

*Due to demand, we're currently in the process of productizing our Custom Token Art creation process. Once this is completed, we will complete Holder Badge requests.*

  • Create Token Collectible Badges to create an incentive for your community to accumulate and hold your token, as well as claim a symbol of social status within your community

    • Visit the Apps tab within your Portal, and click on Top Holder Badges or Verified Badges

    • Turnaround for Token Collectibles is currently 2 weeks

Contact Us

The P00LS team is always here to assist you, so please feel free to reach out anytime. Set up a meeting with Ali from the Creator Success team through this link, or open a ticket through the support chatbot. We will get back to you within 24 hours!

Refer a Friend

If you have a friend who is a creator and interested in minting a token with P00LS, send us their Twitter and contact info and we will reach out! Friends of existing creators are added to the front of our onboarding allowlist!

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