Do Not Send List

Wallet address exclusions from receiving P00LS tokens

About the Do Not Send List

The Do Not Send List is a feature that removes a wallet address from automatically receiving tokens from P00LS creators and other P00LS features, such as:

  • Weekly Reward Airdrops

  • Airdrops

  • Holders List

  • Leaderboards

  • Future automated tools

This can be especially useful for creators as Leaderboards showcasing their community will exclude their wallet, allowing top holders to be clearly showcased as such. This will also prevent a creator’s wallet to receive tokens from holding their own work, allowing tokens to be earned exclusively from their collectors.

If for any reason you do not want to receive certain P00LS creator tokens or any creator tokens at all, you can opt out through one of the following methods.

For Creators

If you are a current P00LS creator:

  • Your main wallet that minted the token and holds 20% of the supply is automatically excluded

  • For any additional wallets that you want excluded, please open a Do Not Send List ticket through Intercom on your Creator Portal

For Holders

If you are a collector of a P00LS creator:

  • Please email us at with:

    • Do Not Send List in the subject line

    • You wallet address

    • The creator token or tokens that you want to be excluded from receiving

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