Understanding P00LS Creator Tokens

About Creator tokens, standard parameters, security

P00LS Creator Tokens

P00LS Creator Tokens or P00LS tokens are ERC20 tokens that are issued by Creators on the P00LS protocol and distributed to their engaged audience. It’s the equivalent of miles for an airline miles program or points in credit card point systems.

Each Creator has their own token. A token represents a Creator's economy and ecosystem (see Understanding P00LS). It tracks community engagement on all the platforms a Creator is active on, all the NFTs they create, and all the tools they use to map and index their community.

P00LS Creator Tokens share the same initial characteristics:


The characteristics of a Creator Token can easily be modified over time and after the token is minted. Through the Creator portal, you can at any time:

  • Change token rewards and token economy

  • Change who can receive and send tokens

  • Increase or decrease token supply

  • Add, remove or modify token allocations

Important: The only thing that cannot be changed after minting is the Token Name.


Every P00LS token is derived from the same smart contract deployer.

Token smart contracts have been fully tested and audited by the audit firm ByteRocket.

All P00LS smart contracts are available on our Github.

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