Ranking token holders

Leaderboards are a dynamic feature that ranks token holders based on their total earnings for a specific creator and their weekly rewards. They allow token holders to easily view their ranking and accomplishments in comparison to their fellow members of the P00LS community.

You can find the Leaderboards by going to your token page and clicking on Leaderboard. To do so, insert your token symbol in lowercase in https://app.p00ls.io/t/<your_token_symbol>. For example, https://app.p00ls.io/t/00.

General Features

  • Top Holders Leaderboard (Total Earnings for a Specific Creator): Displays the cumulative earnings for a selected Creator over all time.

  • Top Earners Leaderboard (Weekly Token Earnings for a Specific Creator): Reveals the top earners within the current week.

How do Leaderboards work?

  • Rankings are determined based on a user's overall holdings and their weekly earnings.

  • Leaderboards are updated weekly on Fridays, when our protocol takes a snapshot for token distribution.

  • You can also easily create a customizable embed to display top holders or top earners.

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