Token Integrations

All the things you can do with your P00LS token!

About your P00LS Creator Token

As a creator, your P00LS token is a standard ERC20 token on one of the P00LS-supported blockchains.
This means that you can integrate your token with any web3 protocol or web3 app that recognizes or uses ERC20 tokens. Luckily, ERC20 is the most used token standard across web3 today.
More particularly, you can integrate your token on apps that you already use, or where your community already is (for instance: Lens, Telegram, Discord, This is the best way to create compelling and accessible value for your token holders.

About this guide

This guide is a curated selection of third party apps and protocols that support ERC20 tokens. It is made of tutorials that will explain you how to integrate your own P00LS token with these apps.
The overarching goal is to help you create value and utility for your token and for your community.
Happy building!