What is P00LS?
  • We enable creators and brands to launch their social token and use it to manage, leverage, grow and reward their community, while identifying their true fans. With P00LS — money is no longer the only currency.
  • P00LS enables engaged engaged communities to earn social tokens for free by engaging in various earning mechanisms on the P00LS App.
What is a social token?
A social token is a web3 tool used to identify and reward a creator’s community, allowing creators and brands to own their community’s data directly. With social tokens, creators can directly interact with their community.

What are social tokens for?

  • Creators looking to build a world of their own and further engagement within their community. Creators looking to enter web3 can build a social token and use it to identify and reward their most loyal community members.
  • Fans and community members looking for more ways to access their favorite creators. From latest merch, to NFT drops, to in-person experiences, the creator tokens allow you to dive deeper into the communities of your favorite creators and connect with those who share your passion.

How can I be a part of the Web3 ecosystem?

  • Creators who want to issue their own social token can join our waitlist here or contact the P00LS talent team for assistance with issuing their social token.
  • Fans and community members who want to engage with a creator's community can create an account on p00ls.io to start earning social tokens.

Where can I find P00LS?

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