What is P00LS?
  • P00LS works with creators and brands to issue social tokens, the currencies of their creative universe. P00ls assists creators and brands to deploy their social tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, an open source protocol.
  • P00LS enables engaged engaged communities to earn social tokens for free by showing up to token drops and completing specific incentives designed by creators.
What is a social token?
Creators and brands have learned that they can interact with their fans through crypto-tokens – “creator tokens” – which allow fans to receive exclusive access to creator content, merchandise and events. Issuing a creator token means incentivizing audiences and fanbases to consume creator and brand content, while empowering them to promote, share, and scale it. With cryptocurrency and web3, money is no longer the only currency.

What are social tokens for?

  • Creators looking to build a world of their own and further engagement within their community. Creators looking to enter Web3 can build a social token and use it to identify and reward their most loyal community members.
  • Fans and community members looking for more ways to access their favorite creators. From latest merch, to NFT drops, to in-person experiences, the creator tokens allow you to dive deeper into the communities of your favorite creators and connect with those who share your passion.

How can I be a part of the Web3 ecosystem?

  • Creators who want to issue their own social token can join our waitlist here or contact the P00LS talent team for assistance with issuing their social token..
  • Fans and community members that want to engage with a creator's community can buy tokens on the zerozero decentralized exchange, or create an account on p00ls.io in order to earn social tokens through airdrops on the P00LS launchpad

Where can I find you?

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