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Migration to Uniswap
In line with the democratic decision made by our community, all liquidity previously held in the zerozero DEX has been migrated to Uniswap v3. Consequently, new liquidity pools for each creator token have been established on Uniswap. The tokens involved in this transition are NIKITA, STEELO, CULTURED, MAHCOIN, EHTAGA, IAM, LITA, NYELA, and HEART.
Link to Uniswap v3 pools:

Ethereum to Polygon Transition

How do fans view the tokens in their wallets?

  • To see Polygon tokens in a wallet directly, fans can connect the Polygon network to their wallet, and then "Import" the tokens using the Token Address. This will allow the tokens to be viewed in the wallet.

If a fan does not connect their wallet to Polygon and Import the tokens to be viewed directly in the wallet, are the tokens still technically in their wallet?

  • Yes, once a token is airdropped to a wallet address, the tokens are there, regardless of if a fan can view them directly in the wallet.
  • Fans can always check Polygonscan.io to see that the tokens are in their wallet.
  • Fans will be able to access token gates regardless of whether or not they can view the tokens in their wallet.

Why Polygon tokens over Ethereum Mainnet tokens?

  • Polygon is very easy to use, easily integrated & most importantly, has very inexpensive Gas fees.
  • Polygon is a Layer 2 for Ethereum and inherits some of its security.
  • P00LS can cover gas fees when airdropping tokens to fans, alleviating fans of paying those fees, and making getting tokens to their wallets seamless.

Are my Polygon tokens Transferable?

  • Creator tokens are all minted as non transferable, meaning fans cannot transfer the tokens out of their wallets.
  • Creators may opt to have limited transferability, which means the token can be transferred by select wallets (for instance for token spending and purchases made in tokens)
  • Creators may decide to make their tokens fully transferable, which means fans can send tokens to other wallets, create liquidity pools, etc. This also means tokens can be listed. However, once a token becomes Transferable on Polygon, it cannot go back to being limited or non transferable.

Will my Polygon tokens ever be transferred back to Ethereum tokens?

  • Anyone can bridge your tokens from Ethereum to Polygon and vice versa through the P00LS bridge. Your tokens effectively exist on two chains.
  • However, Connect to Earn and Direct Airdrop on P00LS are only supported on Polygon
  • P00LS can only send tokens on one chain at a time. For instance we cannot support a Polygon Connect to Earn and an Ethereum Token Code at the same time - both have to be on Polygon or on Ethereum.