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Introducing Creator Worlds and zerozero World

Creator Worlds

You’ve heard about P00LS, and you’ve heard about tokens being your cultural passport but the ultimate question remains: where can that passport take you? This week, discover the newly-launched Creator Worlds on P00LS, where you can connect and interact with your favorite artists like never before.
Many of our holders have benefited from being true fans since P00LS launched over a year ago. They’ve taken advantage of access to fashion collections before they hit the streets with Hugo Comte’s $NIKITA, they’ve used their $MAHCOIN to attend exclusive events with Evan Mock during Fashion Week. Some have even met their lifetime idol, soccer legend Ronaldinho, using their $RON tokens.
Creator worlds bring all of this incredible access together in one place for the first time. They are creative hubs that are accessible to true core fans, and the only item you need to travel there is…you guessed it…your tokens. And just as you don’t give away your passport when you travel, you don’t give away your tokens to access worlds, you only prove that you are the owner.
Find all the instructions below on how to make your travel as smooth as possible!
Creator worlds are the place where tokenholders can participate in the life of the token, get access to exclusive perks and see brand-new utilities.
Watch a demo of all Creator Worlds has to offer!

How to access and use creator worlds?

By opening creator worlds, P00LS is on a mission to open access to culture like never before.
Steps to access creator worlds:
  1. 1.
    Creator worlds are token-gated, which means you can only enter if you have the specific creator token. So first, you need to own the tokens of the creator whose world you want to enter. To get tokens for free, you can participate in drops on P00LS by completing various actions on our launchpad.
  2. 2.
    Once you have creator tokens, you need to connect your crypto wallet to your P00LS account. Then, you will need to airdrop your tokens in your wallet. No worries! It’s super easy, and we have a tutorial for you here.
  3. 3.
    Once this is done, you can access creator worlds and all their exclusive utilities.

What are Utilities?

A utility is a reward you can access inside a Creator World. Utilities will vary by creator, but they all have one thing in common: they are only available to the community of tokenholders. Utilities will vary depending on the creator, but some examples include:
  1. 1.
    Access to Private Discord channels
  2. 2.
    Guestlist spots at exclusive events
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Becoming a Instagram Close Friend to a creator
  5. 5.
    Exclusive Playlists
  6. 6.
    Video Calls with creators
  7. 7.
    Creator Merch or Merch Discounts
Availability: Some utilities are only available for a limited time so be sure to login frequently to take advantage of your access!

How do you access utilities in creator worlds?

Creator worlds are organized by rooms, with each room containing a utility. The key to entering a room is to show a certain amount of creator tokens. Every room requires a different amount of tokens to enter, depending on the exclusivity of the utility. For example, an IRL meet and greet with Ronaldinho will require more tokens than access to a private Discord channel. Remember! You do not need to actually spend your tokens to access a room. Rather, the system will automatically check that you own enough of a certain token to access a utility, but it won’t remove the tokens from your wallet.
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Zerozero World

zerozero world is the ultimate cultural passport

P00LS is on a mission to open access to culture like never before. Think of zerozero world as the ultimate cultural passport, your gateway to all creator tokens, creator worlds and all things P00LS. Your key to access zerozero world is the $00 token, because if you’re a $00 tokenholder, it means you’re part of the P00LS community.

How do I access zerozero world?

zerozero world is token gated and the key is $00. This means that first, you need to hold $00 tokens. You can earn tokens (completely free), by completing actions on launchpad.p00ls.io during open drops, or you can always buy $00 on exchanges like Coinbase, KuCoin and Gate.
After getting $00 tokens, you’ll need to airdrop them into your wallet and connect your wallet on P00LS.

What kinds of utilities will zerozero World offer?

From parties with Evan Mock during New York Fashion Week to exclusive access to culture-defining events around the world, like Art Basel and Frieze, to exclusive merch and intimate group calls with P00LS founders, there’s something for everyone in zerozero world!
  • Events guest lists: Opportunities to join the guest list for an exclusive Paris+ Art Basel event, Digilogue and StanCon London
  • League Tournament: Exclusive access to a token-gated League Tournament
  • IG close friends: Opportunity to be added to P00LS IG’s close friends list and to P00LS founder Hugo Renaudin’s close friends list
  • Access to the $00 metaverse
  • Golden Ticket: Opportunities to claim a P00LS NFT Golden Ticket
  • P00LS merch store: Access to the P00LS merch store and exclusive discounts (hoodies, T-shirts and other designs)
  • Discord: Access to exclusive token-gated Discord channel
  • zerozero DAO: Vote to define the future of the zerozero ecosystem, including who should be in the next wave of creators to launch on P00LS
  • Playlists: Access to exclusive playlists curated by P00LS team and friends of P00LS
  • Deeper access to all creators of the zerozero ecosystem: Access to all creators of the zerozero ecosystem, including the opportunity to attend private events with them.