Invite to Earn

What is Invite to Earn?

Through the Invite to Earn feature, you can earn additional creator tokens by inviting your friends to join the P00LS platform!
Unlike drops, there is no limited run-time period for the opportunity to earn. For each and any given creator, you can invite up to two friends to earn the maximum reward.

How does it work?

Once your friend joins P00LS using your unique referral link, you will be awarded creator tokens.
You can send your link to as many friends as you want, but you can only earn rewards for the first two people who sign up for P00LS per creator.
Follow the steps below for a detailed explanation on how this feature works.
Step-by-Step Instructions for Invite to Earn
  1. 1.
    Sign into your account on launchpad.p00ls.io and click the Invite to Earn banner.
2. Select which creator you want to earn tokens with through your invitation.
3. Copy and share your unique referral link with your friends.
4. Once your friend has made an account using your link, visit your Rewards page to claim the creator tokens you earned.
5. Earn up to ten times per creator, and help the P00LS community grow!


How many invites do I have? You have two total lifetime invites per creator.
Which tokens can I earn as a reward? As of 12/27/2022, you can earn rewards in the following 13 tokens:
  • IAM
  • RON
  • LITA
  • GAMA
  • ISH
How many people can I refer? Each referral gets you 5 creator tokens. You can refer 2 people per creator token. There are 13 creator tokens available as referral rewards, which means that you can refer up to 26 friends and earn up to 130 creator tokens.
Does a drop need to be live for me to invite a friend? No, you can invite a friend at any time.
When do I receive tokens for inviting someone to P00LS? Once your friend has created an account on P00LS using your personalized referral link, your tokens will be available on your rewards page. Do the people I invite receive tokens once they’ve signed up? No, but once your friends sign up for P00LS they will be able to access their own referral links and earn tokens that way!
Do invite links expire? No! However, after two of your friends for a certain creator sign up for P00LS, you will not receive any more tokens for friends that sign up (though they will still be able to sign up through your link). However, since you have two invites per creator, you can send out invites under another creator’s page and earn more!
How many invite links can I send out? You can send out as many as you like, knowing that only two completed invitations per creator will result in earning tokens.
Will the token supply run out before I use all my links? This is possible, though unlikely! Once you send out your invite links, encourage your friends to sign-up for P00LS as soon as they can so you are sure to get your tokens!
Does everyone have access to this feature? No - only what we’ve identified as the 5,000 most engaged users on the platform. We will gradually open the functionality to more and more people.
I have a question, who can I speak to? You can ask your question on our Discord, in the #product-feedback channel here