Why P00LS?

At P00LS we build your official currency as the foundation of your Web3 strategy:
  • We put community first: preserving creative authenticity is key, so we work with you to make sure your social token reflects your goals and ambitions as a creator. Our objective is to help you identify, reward and engage your fans and followers more deeply than ever before - to incentivize the behaviors that are most valuable to you.
  • We place utility at the heart of everything: the more special access you grant your holders, the more they’ll want to buy and hold onto your token! We’ll help you design a token roadmap built around the content and events you already have in the pipeline. The idea isn’t to create more work for you, it’s to maximize impact around what you’re already doing by inviting your most loyal fans to participate!
  • We build your world: speaking of utility…P00LS will build your very own “Creator World” hosted on our platform, where you can token-gate (i.e: make available to token-holders only) all the exclusive perks you offer your community. All you need to do is let us know what perks you want to include in your World.
  • We help you build a social token ecosystem: by equipping you with the right tools, we make sure you get your token into all the right hands. Think top fans & followers, partners & sponsors, promoters, collaborators, and more - now all united and connected under one umbrella to support the strength of your ecosystem.
  • We place your token on the zerozero marketplace: our decentralized exchange is where people will be able to buy more of your token to access the special perks you make available to holders. The more tokens a holder has, the more perks they’ll be able to access.

What's in it for you?

Social tokens allow you to create impact where it matters most. Whether it be identifying and engaging fans more deeply, creating independent revenue streams, or building your very own official currency, your token will unite, connect and strengthen your entire ecosystem.
Why Create A Social Token?
  • Reward and incentivize your fans & followers: build you very own gamified loyalty program, in the digital and physical world, with your social token and reward your community for the time and money they put in.
  • Build your own independence: own the space in which your community exists - don't rent it from legacy social media platforms. With your social token, you can gather your fans & followers across platforms and gain impactful insights about your community freely. Your token allows you to identify your most engaged fans, now your highest token holders.
  • Do less work for more impact: empower your community to amplify and elevate your work and ideas. Your token holders will help build a powerful network effect, empowered by owning a piece of your community.
  • Generate new revenue streams: you own a percentage of your coin, which becomes more valuable the more your inject utility and access into your token.