P00LS v2
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Token Rewards

Understanding Token Rewards

What is a Token Reward

Token Rewards are the building blocks of P00LS creator tokens. A single reward is made of three variables:
  • Engagement Type (ex: Follow on Lens, Hold NFT #123)
  • Reward Size (XS,S,M,L,XL)
  • Reward Frequency (weekly or one-time)
Each Token Reward represents a behavior or engagement that a creator wants to incentivize, as well as the reward level and frequency of the incentive. All Token Rewards form together a Token Economy.
When a creator onboards on P00LS, our protocol scrapes and indexes all the forms of engagement of the creator-linked wallets (all the NFTs created, all the platforms the creator is active on) then automatically generates Token Rewards using Standard Settings. Creators can later override Standard Settings and customize their Rewards.