How Holders can Earn Tezos Rewards

For holders of Tezos Rewards, they will need to complete a few steps.

Setting up a Tezos wallet to earn eligible Rewards

To set up Tezos rewards, holders will need to create a P00LS account, connect their Tezos wallet, and connect an Ethereum-compatible wallet. This is necessary because our protocol needs to create a connection between a Tezos wallet and an Eth wallet in order to be able to send the holder of that Tezos wallet Weekly Rewards for which they are eligible.

For Holders

  1. Create a P00LS account

Head over to to create an account.

  1. Go to Rewards

Navigate to the Rewards page.

  1. Linking a Tezos Wallet

Click on Link a Tezos Wallet and connect your wallet.

  1. Claim your Rewards

If you have rewards available, they will appear on-screen

  1. Set your withdrawal address

After claiming your rewards, you will receive a prompt requesting your withdrawal address. Alternatively, you can go to the Wallet page and configure your withdrawal address.

⭐ Please note that the withdrawal address must be an Ethereum-compatible wallet, such as: Metamask, Trust, Coinbase, etc.

  1. You're all set!

Weekly Rewards will be sent to this address on the Polygon blockchain.

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