Referral Contest - June 2024


  • An opportunity to help grow the P00LS community collectively through referrals.

  • Each creator uses their own referral link from the Refer a Friend app in the Creator Portal to recruit new creators to the platform.

  • The creators who participate and help us grow the community are rewarded!


  • Less than 100 mints with live rewards from referrals

    • Group Prize pool

      • 0.75 ETH

      • prorated by # of mints

    • Grand Prize Winner

      • 0.25 ETH

  • If there's between 101 and 500 mints with live rewards

    • Group Prize pool

      • 1.5 ETH

      • Pro-rated by # of mints

    • Grand Prize Winner

      • 0.5 ETH

  • If there’s between 501-1000 mints with live rewards

    • Group Prize pool

      • 2 ETH

      • Pro-rated by # of mints

    • Grand Prize Winner

      • 1 ETH

  • If there’s 2,500+ mints with live rewards

    • CEO will get a tattoo and livestream it


  • P00LS creators who mint a token before May 29th

  • To be accepted into the Group Prize, you must have at least two referrals who mint and set rewards live

    • The Group Prize is prorated by the number of mints. Meaning the more mints you generate, the more ETH you win.

  • The Grand Prize goes to whoever has the most referrals minted with live rewards by June 30th. The Grand Prize Winner is not a part of the Group Prize Pool, and only receives the Grand prize.


  • Sign in to the Creator Portal

  • Go to the app store

  • Find the app “Refer a Friend”

  • Click on the Link button and copy the link to your own referral Typeform

  • Send this Typeform to all of your creator friends and ask them to fill it out!

  • P00LS receives all of the submissions, reviews the sign up information and if we approve the submission, we set up an account and reach out to have your friend mint their token!

  • Your creator friend mints a token and sets their rewards live


  • You can’t just send the referral form to anyone - they must be a creator in web3!

    • Community on Lens or Lens app Influencer

    • Farcaster Community or Farcaster influencer

    • Visual artists who mints NFTs

    • Photographer who mints NFTs

    • Musician releasing music in Web3

    • Video creators minting in Web3

    • Creative writers, poets, comics minted in Web3


  • Only creators who have a minted token prior to May 29th can participate

  • For your referral to count, the creator must MINT a token and set their rewards LIVE by June 30th

  • To access the Group Prize Pool, you must have a minimum of 2 referrals complete the process

  • If there is any suspicious behavior, or if your referees do not qualify as active on-chain creators, P00LS will not count corresponding mints, and we will disqualify the referrer from the winnings pool. WE WILL MONITOR ALL BEHAVIOR.

    • No bots

    • No fake accounts or creators

    • No adding fake rewards

  • If there is a tie for winner, the person who’s referrals totals the most ACTIVE REWARDS will win the Grand Prize.

  • If two creators both refer the same creator, and they fill out two or more forms, the creators who’s form the referral signed up with FIRST will get to count that referral.

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