Add an address to the token allowlist

A step-by-step guide to add an address to your token allowlist


Your P00LS token is minted with limited transferability by default. This means only a pre-defined set of addresses can send and receive your tokens. This set of address is referred to as the token allowlist.

Any address that is not on the allowlist can only earn tokens and send them to addresses on the allowlist. Addresses on the allowlist can receive and send tokens to and from everyone.


To add an address to your token allowlist, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click on the link to PolygonScan

  2. On PolygonScan, copy your token smart contract address

  3. Open and paste your token smart contract address. Click on Verify.

  4. Click on Save then click on the proxy smart contract to get to the linked PolygonScan page.

  5. On the proxy smart contract PolygonScan page, click on Contract then Read Contract.

  6. Go to smart contract function #4 WHITELISTED and copy the value. This is a constant you'll need to call the allowlist function.

  7. Go on Write Contract and click on Connect to web3.

  8. Login with the wallet that owns the rights to the token (usually, the one you minted it with) using your browser wallet.

  9. Once your wallet connected, scroll down to smart contract function #7 grantRole then paste the WHITELISTED constant you've copied in step 6 under Role and past the address you'd like to add to the allowlist under account.

  10. Click on Write then validate the operation with your browser wallet. You will have to pay a small gas fee

  11. Once the transaction is validated, the address will be added to the allowlist and will be able to send and receive tokens to and from anyone 🎉

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