$00 Creator Tipping Allocation

About the $00 Creator Tipping Allocation

P00LS Creators are eligible to receive a 100 $00 daily tipping allowance on Lens and Farcaster. Other eligible parties that may be granted a tipping allocation include: curators, communities, and other web3 projects.

To apply for a $00 tipping allocation, please fill out this request form.

Submissions are added on a weekly basis every Friday. To check if your Lens or Farcaster profile is approved to tip $00, please visit the Lens 00 Allowance page or Farcaster 00 Allowance page.

How it works

Your daily tip allowance is based on being approved to tip $00 on Lens and Farcaster platforms. Tips given do not reduce your own $00 balance but are deducted from your daily allowance. To tip someone, simply reply under someone’s post or cast with a comment such as 10 $00.

Daily allowances reset at 12AM UTC. Make sure to stay within your daily allowance as daily tips exceeding your $00 allotment will not count. Tips are calculated and updated on the Lens 00 Tips Received page and Farcaster 00 Tips Received page at 1AM UTC. Tips are distributed on a weekly basis.

$00 tips are distributed on the Polygon network.

$00 contract address: 0x004fD37b5797158495c07D062D82969dCF3482c6

To add the $00 token contract to your wallet, please follow our how-to guide here.

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