Creators and $00

The currency for creativity

What is $00

$00 is the currency for creativity, created by P00LS. It is distributed by creators, curators and creative communities to reward and support their favorite on-chain projects and minds with Farcaster and Lens tips.

Creators and $00

All P00LS creators receive weekly airdrops of the $00 token, and are given a daily tipping allowance for Lens and/or Farcaster of 100 tokens (per platform).

$00 Airdrop to Creators

$00 airdrops, along with all $CREA tokens, are distributed via the Polygon blockchain. If you intend to deposit this token on a CEX such as Coinbase or other platform, please ensure that they support $00 on Polygon and not solely $00 on Eth mainnet.

To bridge $00 from Polygon -> Eth mainnet, please use the P00LS bridge here.

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