ZIP Approval Process

ZIP Process from Idea to Live

ZIP Approval Process

Phase 1: ZIP Idea

A ZIP Idea is submitted as a post in Discourse and must receive moderator confirmation that it complies with DAO-approved guidelines before it appears to the community.

The person or people submitting the ZIP Idea will be referred to as the author or authors (please note that multiple members can work together on a ZIP idea, but it should be submitted only once.)

The ZIP idea informally gathers comments via Discourse for seven days. The author cannot edit the original post — if the author wants to propose changes to the original idea, they must do this via the comments.

Phase 2: ZIP Draft

Step 1 : Once the seven-day feedback window has passed and a moderator closes the Discourse topic, a moderator will send the author the ZIP template and next steps for submission and voting. They may also suggest a proposal category, if not already specified in Discourse.

Step 2 : The author will fill out the template, incorporating any Discourse feedback that helps the idea better serve the DAO.

The author can add additional fields to the template if necessary to fully communicate the intentions, specifics and implications of the ZIP Draft. The moderator may also inform the author of incorrect or missing information that needs to be changed or clarifications that need to be made.

If the author does not respond to those moderator requests within 30 days, the ZIP Draft will be automatically rejected.

Step 3 : When the moderator confirms a ZIP Draft complies with DAO-approved guidelines, they assign a number to the ZIP for identification purposes throughout the rest of the process. From this point on, the ZIP is referred to as “ZIP-#: (Name) - (Category)”.

For example, the first ZIP is “ZIP-1: Proposing the 00 DAO - Governance”.

Phase 3: ZIP Moderation

The ZIP Draft is reviewed by a team of moderators and either approved or not approved based on whether it adheres to the DAO-approved guidelines. If approved, it moves on to Board Approval (Phase 4). If not approved, it is eligible for resubmission, except in cases of violation of the law or reasonable suspicion of fraud or other misleading information.

Phase 4 : ZIP 00 Foundation Board Approval

The ZIP Draft that has been approved by moderators is then transferred to the 00 Foundation Board for approval. The ZIP Draft at this phase will already be approved for compliance with the DAO-approved guidelines. The Board will check that this proposal is aligned with the zerozero DAO best interests and future developments. If approved, the ZIP Draft becomes a Live ZIP. If not approved, it is eligible for resubmission, except in cases of violation of the law or reasonable suspicion of fraud or other misleading information.

Phase 5: Live ZIP

Drafts that have passed Phase 4 become Live ZIPs on Snapshot during the next Weekly ZIP Release, which is when new ZIPs are released in batches Mondays at 10am ET.

Once live on Snapshot, Live ZIPs are open to voting until Weekly Voting Close, which is at 10am ET on the Sunday following their release. Moderators are the only ones that can post ZIPs to Snapshot because they must confirm that each one has gone through the correct approvals process.

Phase 6: Final ZIP

If a Live ZIP has not gotten any votes or is tied by the Vote Close Time, it will be tagged as “Stalled” and be eligible for Stalled. In all other cases, Live ZIPs are moved to one of two Final ZIP categories.

Rejected Final ZIPs can be resubmitted via the appropriate resubmission template if the author contacts a moderator.

Accepted Final ZIPs move on to be implemented by the 00 Foundation

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