00 Token
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Token Economics

DAO Treasury, 00 Ecosystem Fund, Creator Tokens, Protocol Fees


Holders of 00 tokens have an economic interest in the P00LS protocol. Namely, through the intermediary of a Treasury, 00 holders collectively own and control:
  • 15% of the total supply of 00 tokens
  • 10% of any P00LS creator token
  • 100% of the protocol fees generated by P00LS*
The 00 DAO Treasury address is treasury.zerozero.eth or 0xC84E0BDBEd209afe1e40D026878904CB4b6246F7.
The Treasury is available here and is secured by a multisig wallet controlled by the 00 Foundation.
All holdings of the Treasury are on-chain and available on Etherscan
00 holders can decide on the use and allocation of Treasury holdings through governance proposals (see Governance).
*only for P00LS v2

00 DAO Treasury

00 Ecosystem Fund

The 00 DAO Treasury controls 15% of the total supply of 00 tokens - the 00 Ecosystem Fund. This fund can be used to fund initiatives, create grants or incentivize community partners.

Creator Tokens

For each creator token built on P00LS, 10% of the total supply is allocated to the Treasury. While creator tokens are not meant to have a price or a financial value, they give access to the underlying economy of a creator.
For instance, a creator might decide to share the revenue of their NFT mints with their token holders - in which case the Treasury would receive 10% of the revenue shared.
For more information on P00LS creator tokens, see here.

Protocol Fees (P00LS v2)

In P00LS v2, creators are charged a small fee for certain actions on their token (see P00LS Protocol Fees). 100% of the fees accrue to the 00 DAO Treasury.