00 Improvement Proposals (ZIPs)

ZIPs, Categories and Voting rules

00 Improvement Proposals (ZIPs)

The 00 DAO decide and votes on major updates and events for 00 and P00LS.

ZIPs allow 00 DAO members to make decisions regarding governance rules, DAO Treasury allocations, projects, partnerships and beyond. 00 DAO membership is open to all $00 holders.

Once final and voted on by 00 holders, ZIPs are enacted by the 00 Foundation.

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ZIP Template

ZIP Categories

There are 3 categories of ZIPs: Governance, Transfer and Treasury Management.

[Note: there used to be a 4th category - DEX Governance - now defunct since the DAO decided to unwind the 00 DEX.]

Governance ZIP

Proposals outlining new organizational requirements or changes to the state of the DAO.

Example: tokenomics change, modification of Special Council and any core modification of the governance mechanisms of the 00 DAO.

Transfer ZIP

Proposals to transfer tokens from the 00 DAO Treasury to a given address.

Example: grants, payments for DAO service providers, token awards, etc.

Treasury Management ZIP

Proposals to manage the 00 DAO Treasury.

Ex: purchase new assets, sell assets in the Treasury, put assets in liquidity pools, etc.

Voting Rules

The rules for voting on ZIPs are the following:

  • One 00 token = One vote

  • To be accepted, a proposal needs to have more than 50% of votes in favor

  • To be accepted, a proposal needs to meet the minimum quorum of 50,000 tokens

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