00 Token
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About the 00 Token

What is 00, link with P00LS, what you can do with 00 tokens

Quick Facts

Token Type: ERC20
Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon
Max Supply: 10 billion
Smart Contract (Ethereum): 0x881ba05de1e78f549cc63a8f6cabb1d4ad32250d
Smart Contract (Polygon): 0x004fd37b5797158495c07d062d82969dcf3482c6

About P00LS

P00LS is a web3 reward protocol for creators. It allows creators to map, reward and interact with their community across all their platforms using a tool called a Creator Token.
The best way to understand P00LS is to see it as a way for anyone with an audience in web3 (Creators) to automatically and simply create their own loyalty points as a fungible token and distribute them to their community (Holders).
Launched in 2021, P00LS is to date the largest social token protocol on Ethereum with more than 1,000,000 token holders and creators ranging from web2 to web3 such as BLOND:ISH, Aluna, Agoria, Black Dave, Cam Murdoch, Shilly and dozens of others.
P00LS Mission Statement

About 00

As a protocol, P00LS is semi-decentralized. It aims to be fully decentralized, open and permissionless in the future.
The 00 token is an ERC20 token and is the governance token for the P00LS protocols. It is awarded to protocol participants, gives voting right in the P00LS ecosystem and provides economic benefits to holders.
00 token holders collectively form the 00 DAO, which is the governing body of the protocol.

What you can do with 00


Through a DAO Treasury, 00 holders collectively own and control:
  • 10% of the total supply of all P00LS Creator tokens
  • 15% of the total supply of 00 tokens
  • 100% of the protocol fees generated by P00LS


00 holders can vote on:
  • How to use/spend the DAO Treasury
  • Tokenomics decisions
  • Community Representatives
  • Protocol Updates
  • etc


The 00 token is listed on many CEX and DEX, most notably Coinbase, Kucoin, Gate.io, MEXC and Uniswap.